I prefer to be shoved

A blogging prompt for every day of the month of December? Totally. I will hopefully find a few spare minutes to make up the first 4 prompts that I missed. Today’s prompt from Reverb Broads: What is the one thing you finally did this year that you always wanted or said you were going to […]


i fantasize I’ll open my door one day to see you standing there throwing caution to the wind reckless abandon taking life in the moment and showing it up tossing worry plans smart moves to the gutter take me in your arms tomorrow hold me in your arms forever

You see in, I see through.

You see yourself in a mirror. Foggy and blurry with the grime of age and self-cynical deceit. The reflection grimaces back at you, mocking you with its very presence. That crooked smile, unruly hair…and underneath. Underneath. The failings and flaws, the can’t-dos and will-nevers. The worries and struggles, to be future realities. The light in […]

it was late at night, you know when the stars shone above the wet pavement as you walked slowly, meandering, towards your destination it was late at night, you know when you said goodbye without any words the blue in your eyes telling me more than you could say it was late at night, you […]