one year

Can we dance under the light of the same moon? Will you think of me when the sun peeks over your horizon, soon to make its way over to greet me? We danced. We’ve danced together under so many moons, and many more moons to come. The delinquent connection of two souls into one, dancing […]


i fantasize I’ll open my door one day to see you standing there throwing caution to the wind reckless abandon taking life in the moment and showing it up tossing worry plans smart moves to the gutter take me in your arms tomorrow hold me in your arms forever

You see in, I see through.

You see yourself in a mirror. Foggy and blurry with the grime of age and self-cynical deceit. The reflection grimaces back at you, mocking you with its very presence. That crooked smile, unruly hair…and underneath. Underneath. The failings and flaws, the can’t-dos and will-nevers. The worries and struggles, to be future realities. The light in […]


I feel the words rushing through my head. Like a river without a destination. I feel the thoughts floating silently. Like an autumn leaf with no ground to fall on. My river needs a destination, and my leaves need a ground. My mind’s world is chaotic, hypnotic, and half-psychotic. Written words are my voice, and […]


Sit silently someday and dangle your dirty bare feet from the diving board into the dark and sparkly pool water. Sit because to move is to miss. How can you properly enjoy warm sunshine if you are flitting like a breeze right through it? Sit and enjoy. Silently because words become silent in the end. […]