if words were elemental yours would be fire. hot, mesmerizing pirouettes that burn only when air tangos with their forked tongues. flames that can only dance when the oxygen from my chest touches their faces. i wish my speech were water or earth to cool the blaze on your lips or suffocate you, untouchable, the […]

don’t look back

i woke up one morning with a mouth full of anxiety. Because i thought i saw the shadow of a man who looked just like you in a dream i may have had. it’s been like this since the day we stood inside the parking garage, your arms around me in the yellow light. “see […]

vestigial structures

“we all start out with gills,” she said. i scoffed because how can such prehistoric memories be buried in our skin, when even our oldest scars are younger than us.   “the gills go away,” she said. “before we are born.” but some of us still breathe when we are drowning and my neck feels […]

anatomy I

I broke your hands open, and all I found were bones where you said I would see gold. Carpals, metacarpals, but certainly no Midas joint where your veins intersect with your tendency to think too highly of your sweating palms. The palms that touched my face once, twice, three times too hard for any fake […]

13 ways of looking at her hand

After Wallace Stevens. But better.   I If her palms could tell the future I would hold her hand like a crystal ball.   II Her hand lives in infamy where myths grown on languid trees are harvested and mulled into wine for the common people.   III Dew from heaven fell from between her […]

When the bitch said ‘no’

When the bitch said ‘no’ She’s a tiger, flying strawberry with cloud stripes. Spear-cut teeth, she shreds flesh into ribbon paper lilies. Her paper mache claws bury bodies of atrophied tree bridges. Zeppelin lungs breathe her flame into sunscape funeral pyres. Her sniper swift tail preys on the courage of prairie winds. The magic in […]

An elegy for Ignorance

An elegy for Ignorance It was a process. Like snow blanketing the ground before turning slush, dirt-caked, then melting away completely. If it’s gone long enough, you want it back. Forgetting the marrow-chilling cold and black ice roads, only remembering silence. Losing Him was like that. I’d known him my whole life, from my sterile […]