When the bitch said ‘no’

When the bitch said ‘no’ She’s a tiger, flying strawberry with cloud stripes. Spear-cut teeth, she shreds flesh into ribbon paper lilies. Her paper mache claws bury bodies of atrophied tree bridges. Zeppelin lungs breathe her flame into sunscape funeral pyres. Her sniper swift tail preys on the courage of prairie winds. The magic in […]

An elegy for Ignorance

An elegy for Ignorance It was a process. Like snow blanketing the ground before turning slush, dirt-caked, then melting away completely. If it’s gone long enough, you want it back. Forgetting the marrow-chilling cold and black ice roads, only remembering silence. Losing Him was like that. I’d known him my whole life, from my sterile […]

Ode to ‘ganket’

Ode to “ganket” You’ve been crushed beneath small heels covered in mud; strangled, your floppy neck unable to breath; deserted in a Target aisle unknowing of where you were; smeared with jellied snot and ketchup, yet here you are Magic Blanket, your sour milk breath sighs comforting silence. Your princess skin of cotton candy, wadded […]

My marriage

My marriage One thing I know is marriage. My marriage, which dawns anew every morning with the February light filtering through half-open blinds. My eyes are weighted, trying hard to drag me back to sleep. “NOOOOOOO!” Her toddler protest, not really a protest, a staunch affirmation of her tiny place. I’m awake now, awake enough. […]


she is a snow angel shaped from flakes, brushed aside by the warmth of insulated bodies she has snow wings with bones made, outlined with sticks and stones straining to burst into color or flame she has a halo of sunlight, star breath threatening to dissolve her beneath its tug-o-war gaze she isn’t seen by […]

I prefer to be shoved

A blogging prompt for every day of the month of December? Totally. I will hopefully find a few spare minutes to make up the first 4 prompts that I missed. Today’s prompt from Reverb Broads: What is the one thing you finally did this year that you always wanted or said you were going to […]

when i wash the dishes

white bubbles swished back and forth between my fingers as i washed the dishes today the plate was so dirty i had to scrub and scrub and scrub but no matter how hard i scrubbed, i couldn’t stop thinking about you i can’t just love you anymore because i am beyond love i am in […]

one year

Can we dance under the light of the same moon? Will you think of me when the sun peeks over your horizon, soon to make its way over to greet me? We danced. We’ve danced together under so many moons, and many more moons to come. The delinquent connection of two souls into one, dancing […]