Who I Am

I am almost of the opinion that writing is not a hobby. It is not a mere interest. It is not something one can just ‘enjoy’ like one would a good book or an exciting movie. Writing is a way of life. It is who I am underneath the grime of life and daily doings.  I may not be a good writer, I may not even be a mediocre writer. I may, in fact, be a horrible writer. But writing is what keeps me sane. It is what keeps me going. To create with words a painting, a portrait, an indelible essence of who I am- that is what draws me to writing. I do not call myself a ‘writer’ because I think I am good at what I do. I do not call myself a ‘writer’ in order to present a sophisticated sounding front. I call myself a ‘writer’ because writing is part of who I am. When I see a sunset, I don’t see a sun setting. I see a glorious array of colours, images and shadows just waiting to be put into words. I see an image in my mind to be put on paper and presented to the minds of others.

This small corner of the internet is my playground of floating thoughts and musings.

I am many things. I know many people. But here, in this place, I am a writer who knows only herself.


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