one year

Can we dance under the light of the same moon? Will you think of me when the sun peeks over your horizon, soon to make its way over to greet me?
We danced. We’ve danced together under so many moons, and many more moons to come.
The delinquent connection of two souls into one, dancing
dancing until the sun comes up, now peeking through the shades
to see me
with you.

Can we walk down the same sidewalk, even if it’s cracked.
Cracked sidewalk. Overgrown sidewalk. The same sidewalk
into the place we call home, our home.
Loud music, drowning our sleep.
The smell of drugs, drifting into our world.
But your heart is my house
and I’m always home.

Will we think the same thoughts, bubbled together.
If thoughts are love and bubbles last forever.
If thinking is breathing and together is never apart.
If we are perfect and the same is two–better than one.

Can we touch the same rock, found by the side of the road.
We touch her, we can feel her. We found her
while dancing
on the side of our road.
It’s a beautiful road
with beautiful rocks.
I wouldn’t want it
any other way.

Will we see the same time, at the same old sites.
Less than one or eight or two or twenty-four.
However you count it,
we see it the same: never enough.
We always want more and we have
forever to get it.


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