Sit silently someday and dangle your dirty bare feet from the diving board into the dark and sparkly pool water.

Sit because to move is to miss. How can you properly enjoy warm sunshine if you are flitting like a breeze right through it? Sit and enjoy.

Silently because words become silent in the end. Talking, arguing, conjecturing and blabbering. Filling the air with meaningless verbs. Then, at the end of your time, what is left? Silent words that no one will remember. But actions–your being–your legacy will live on beyond anything you’ve said. Silence your mouth and your soul will speak.

Bare feet because shoes are constricting and conflicting with your need–love, even–for freedom. A small rebellion against everything that holds you back from anything. Bare your feet and let it be a baring of your soul.

Dirty bare feet because the cool dust in your supposed backyard is just now settling from your slushing through it. Dust covering your feet like a thin layer of protection against being too clean. Too perfect. Dirty yourself a little and let the world look beyond it.

The diving board because it is sometimes better than slowly submerging yourself from the stairs. Someday, take the dive. Forget the deep-end test and your need for floaties. Trust that the water and your determination will bring you to the top and into the sunshine. Dive and the world will catch you.

Dark and sparkly because it reflects the stars. The stars in the night sky, so immense and ever-so-much bigger than we are. The stars that are his eyes, so vast in their ever-patient understanding of you and all that you are. Drown your toes (and when you muster the courage, your whole being) in those stars. Dark and sparkly just for you.

Pool water because puddles are scarce these days. So instead of the muddy-fresh feeling of cool rain water threading through your toes, make the best with what you have. Close your eyes and see what isn’t there. Imagine puddles when you have only pool water.

And so; sit silently someday and dangle your dirty bare feet from the diving board into the dark and sparkly pool water.


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