strength in such
a simple [complex]

my heart screams
and yet I cannot seem
to listen

‘ma halachatz?’
keep the answer
close- so close
we cannot see it
– like sunshine
through a frosted

‘atah meshage’ah
li et haschel!’
mind and heart
torn and whole
without questions;
on a pilfered

‘mi ohevet otcha
yoter mimeni?’
I dare not
reveal hidden
secrets to myself
I promised this nightmare
never to endure

to fly away
from twisted
and confused thoughts
sleep will take me
and disappoint me

chalamot tovim, hayakar.


One thought on “ahavah

  1. If I could speak Hebrew, it would mean more to me. But I love you, Kait!! I miss you so much and I can’t wait until you come visit me!!!!

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