my road

my road is long and winding
full of potholes and inconsequential ditches
so badly do I want to take
the other way
[of life]
a detour of sorts; an alternate
happily ever after

to take this road means falling
into a familiar cavern
of red light and shining armour
already I feel myself
unwilling – unwanting
being pulled into this

I must direct
my postulate path
and inserted images
[of dreams]
away from me, for
I do not want them
[but oh how I do]

it is not fair
that these two roads
must lead so far away
in opposite directions
for until they meet,
I do believe
that my struggles [vainly
and] succeeding
will go on for eternity

just realize

This here poem is for a friend. You know who you are. ❤


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