Stop and Stare

stop and stare
at the images of life
passing me by
wishing I could follow
and be on my way
thinking I’m moving
towards my dreams
but I go nowhere
my heart beats
with discouraged
I know everyone gets scared
when life threatens
to crush their soul
but I wish to become
what I can’t be

stop and stare
into the mind
of life’s despair
trying to make something
out of nothing
starting to wonder
why I’m here, not there
the road is just
but already
I wish to be at
the end
I’ll do anything to get
what’s fair
but justice does not
shine her face
upon me today
and I fail
at what I really need; so

stop and stare

[yes, this is based on the OneRepublic song. I was listening to it at the time I wrote this. This poem pretty much sucks but meh.]


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