Current mood: blah

yet another poem, this one is un-perfected and I may re-write it later. ‘Tis actually quite sub-standard in its current form. It doesn’t flow well, the style changes throughout…but I still thought that I would post it… And it is not my usual style a’tall. Anyways, I wrote this one earlier this week…like Tuesday I think…

locked up, bottled up, inside- tied up
trying to escape.
a too small, too cramped, closet- too small
trying to get out

life is hard
with no way out
life can trap
if allowed

looking, searching, finding, keep trying
too much room to move
crying, sobbing, tears are flowing
sorrow shan’t overcome

life is lost
try to find it
life is anguish
never easy

selfless, powerless, loneliness- so depressed
trying hard to understand
hiding it, veiling it, repressing it- keep blocking it
a mask to cover the pain

so little space
with too much room
so much pain
it numbs the soul
so confused
all too clear
so is life
a paradox.

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